Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. The wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums’.

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Make-over catalogs 14th March 2018

You probably noticed that our product catalogs for 2018 have a new look and feel. This year, we paid a lot of attention to a complete make-over. With these stylish booklets we want to underline the traditional character of our business. That is why this year we opted for a…

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Visit Athena (Brazil) 15th February 2018

Last week, our Belgian colleagues visited Athena in Brazil. The Belgian team did a general quality check. They observed whether the mother plants have been planted on schedule for the production of the cuttings of 2018. They also checked whether there are too few/sufficient/too many mother plants. In addition, they…

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IPM 2018 29th January 2018

During this edition of IPM, the Gediflora team presented several new collections, more specifically, ‘Dazzling Aduro’ and ‘Magnetic Amiko’. Those who stopped by our  Belgian Mums booth were treated to a refreshing Mum Beer or a delicious chrysanthemum liqueur.

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Visit us at IPM 11th January 2018

From Tuesday January 23rd till Friday January 26th, Gediflora will be present at IPM Essen (Germany). IPM Essen is a global gathering place for the green industry. New products will be presented, trends will be introduced and future topics will be discussed with professional expertise.

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Crossmarketing 2017 11th December 2017

MUMS @ Filmfestival, Shopping Centre, Fashion Store,…

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Be Mum, Be More, Be a Winner – 2017 23rd November 2017

In September and October, the Belgian Mums appeared several times in the magazine ‘Libelle’. This advertisement encouraged the Libelle readers to join the competion to win a makeover of the terrace and/or a BBQ in MUM style. Frieda won a makeover, styled by our stylist Kirsten Blom. Shirley won a…

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Pure Primo – Meet Primo Sunny and Pistache 13th November 2017

In 2017, Gediflora launched a new collection called Pure Primo. For all hay fever sufferers, the pure and pollen-free collection ‘Pure Primo’ is a dream come true.  The trendy flowers of Pistache and Sunny are real eye catchers that effortlessly blend in with the style of timeless interiors and gardens. Their lime coloured flower…

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Royal Flora Holland – Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2017

We look back at a nice Trade Fair. We would like to thank everyone who visited us. Here are some pictures of our two booths.

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