Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. The wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums’.

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Mission statement



Gediflora’s mission is to provide cultivators with a very consistent, high quality, innovative, 100% ‘easy to grow’ plant range thanks to its extensive R&D; with the singular aim of making cultivators successful. We strive to be and remain the specialist in ball-shaped chrysanthemums. We do this by providing a total package: golden genetics + quality + service. Gediflora’s intention is to be a reliable partner and with great enthusiasm they go ‘that extra mile’ for their satisfied customers all over the world.

Gediflora has the worthy ambition to achieve a controlled growth of their organisation. Gediflora seeks to create added value through consistent  focus and maximum flexibility

  • for their clients: by offering them a product of high quality in a unique and extensive range, linked to a far-reaching service and mutual trust.
  • for their employees: by involving them as much as possible and by creating a working environment which encourages  initiative and creativity.
  • for the environment and society: by seeking continuously to achieve sustainable production.

B2C Mission

With the MUM brand, Gediflora’s ambition is to give the ball-shaped chrysanthemum added value in terms of lifestyle. MUM’s strategy is to boost the image of the ball-shaped chrysanthemum and encourage customers  to buy at the points of sale by responding to their needs for nature, atmosphere, lifestyle and adventure. Gediflora is thus using a pull marketing strategy to further relieve growers and retail centres of their concerns.


The 5 key words of the Gediflora slogan.
The slogan of the parent company Gediflora consists of 5 Dutch words translated as:
Dream, Discover, Dare, Do, Go on and Do better !

*’deuredoen’ is a typical West Flemish word for ‘going on’, a characteristic of the mentality of the region. This means: always keep on working.

Gediflora constantly challenges itself to do even better, in order to keep evolving.