Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. The wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums’.

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Cuttings & Motherplants

Although all mother plants are cultivated in Brazil, Kenia or Florida nowadays, Gediflora also continues to invest in Belgium. Belgium is and will remain the most important distribution and rooting centre for outgoing materials. Special attention is being paid to the optimisation of rooting space and rooting techniques. In general, Gediflora is continuously seeking to improve the quality of delivered plant materials. Gediflora has therefore been awarded the Naktuinbouw Elite system certificate, which makes top quality and added value easily recognisable for cultivators and growers. Time and again Gediflora also obtains the best score within the MPS qualification system. Since 2015 Gediflora has officially become a MPS-GAP certified company.
Gediflora supplies growers worldwide with both rooted and unrooted chrysanthemum cuttings.

Unrooted cuttings

The unrooted cuttings are packed in plastic bags, in multiples of 60 (Traditionals and Uniflors) or 125 (Belgian Mums). After being subjected to a thorough quality control, which is carried out by Gediflora, the bags containing the cuttings are packed into sturdy cardboard boxes before being dispatched.

Rooted cuttings

The rooting takes place at Gediflora in greenhouses specially equipped for rooting. For this Gediflora uses plastic trays with special plugs. Both the plug and the tray have distinct advantages.

  • The plug can be easily removed from the tray and does not break. In this way the roots of the cutting remain in perfect condition and growth is not interrupted. And that in turn makes mechanical potting possible and simple.
  • The cutting tray is designed so that uniformity in the growth of all cuttings is guaranteed. Moreover the tray is compact and hence transport costs remain low. A minimum stacking space is required for the empty trays, which can be recycled afterwards.

We work with multiples of 60 plugs (Traditionals, Uniflors and Trios) or 125 plugs (Belgian Mums) in a tray.

Order deadline

In order to fulfill your order to your satisfaction, we ask you to place your order in time. For a rooted order at least 6 weeks before the delivery date. For unrooted orders at least 3 weeks beforehand.


For the propagation of varieties Gediflora works together with partner companies in Brazil and Africa. These companies are specialised in breeding mother plants and picking the cuttings. Nowadays all our chrysanthemum cuttings are imported from Brazil and Africa, where they are continuously being produced from mid January until mid July. The advantages of the collaboration with companies from the southern hemisphere speak volumes:

  • more sun light means stronger and better quality cuttings. The higher level of light intensity provides the necessary ‘fuel’ for the rooting and assists in the further development process later on.
  • in-depth know-how of these specialised companies
  • lower production costs and the greater availability of a pool of suitable labour allow to maximize the investment and dedicate their time solely to the breeding, picking and controlling of the cuttings.
  • The employees are intensively trained and taught how to pick our cuttings to achieve 100% uniformity in length, diameter and weight.

These freshly picked cuttings are flown several times a week by low temperature controlled transport to Schiphol airport near Amsterdam (in the Netherlands) where they are transported to Gediflora, after rapid clearance by customs.