Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. The wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name ‘Belgian Mums’.

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The Gediflora range of products is marketed under the trade name Belgian Mums. Some of the specific features of Belgian Mums are:
  • unique genetics
  • uniform flowering
  • nice round shape
  • exceptional plant quality
  • plant flexibility
  • highly resistant to disease
Beside their unique features Belgian Mums® also offer the growers guaranteed quality and a higher return. Because Belgian Mums varieties can be grown easily, they are less labour intensive and present a higher probability of 100 % sales.

As growers it is our task to bring only the best cultivated varieties onto the market. Potential varieties undergo a strict selection procedure before they are approved for the market. This process from seedling to eventual market introduction takes at least five years.
By employing classic breeding techniques, around 30.000 seedlings are harvested on a yearly basis and then planted in our experimental fields. From these we make a selection and only the best plants are retained. The following year, these plants are then replanted, tested and selected or rejected for another year of trials. Only if the plants have passed through a certain number of years of trial are they added to the Belgian Mums assortment and marketed as a fully developed variety.

Gediflora is committed to offering their clients an extended and universal range of products as well as the further development of all segments:

  • Summer, Quick en Classic line
  • Several indoor black cloth programmes
  • Bi-colors, Ziggy’s, Singles

In addition to this, Gediflora is permanently focused on the creation and the expansion of families.